Howell Mountain | Climate

On many summer mornings, a white blanket of coastal fog covers the Napa Valley. Howell Mountain, in stark contrast, rises gracefully above the fog line, giving it slightly warmer nighttime temperatures and cooler mid-day temperatures than the valley floor. While the differences in temperature between day and night on Howell Mountain are still pronounced enough to maintain balanced acidity in grapes, the steadier climate allows the berries to develop thicker skins that impart intense color, texture and structure to wines.

Furthermore, during the hours when the valley floor is covered in fog our vineyards are bathed in sunlight. As a result, our grapes experience the rich advantages of warmth while the altitude—more than 1,700 feet—protects them from stressful heat spikes. Plus, we enjoy more rain high on Howell Mountain, and our wet winters give way to the sunny, dry growing seasons that develop the finest expression of our fruit.